Legislative Strategies

Aegis builds, maintains, and directs national grassroots networks where public support is needed to advance client interests. Partnering clients with non-traditional allies, Aegis helps to promote and support client policies, procedures, mission, and values.  Aegis staff drives the adoption of client-beneficial public policy initiatives by key U.S. Congressional committees (e.g., Appropriations, Finance, Judiciary, etc), Federal agencies (e.g., DOJ, USDA, State, etc.), the White House, and foreign policy makers (e.g., the diplomatic community).  


A Strategy for Success: Grassroots Coalitions at Work

Synopsis: An Aegis client with duty-free stores located along the border between Canada and the United States, and at major U.S. airports, was threatened by pending Congressional legislation that would have impeded their ability to effectively compete and do business; costing jobs and loss of revenue for local border economies in the U.S. The legislation would have restricted funding for enhancing customs border clearance for commercial traffic, thus imposing onerous and inefficient inspections of retail goods destined for U.S. markets.  Aegis conducted a study demonstrating that if the proposed legislation were to pass, trucks carrying goods into the U.S. would be backed up 20 to 25 miles, creating an unpredictable environment for businesses who could no longer anticipate deliveries of goods for sale at duty-free stores.

Results: Aegis assembled a grassroots coalition of media agents, mayors, small business owners and civic leaders from towns affected by this legislation into what became known as the "U.S.-Canadian Caucus of Mayors". The coalition stretched from coast-to-cost along the U.S.-Canadian border.  This group effectively defeated the onerous legislation by mobilizing political forces from the local level to the national level on behalf of the client. The legislation was amended, providing increased funding for customs agents to upgrade from paper-tracking to a streamlined and efficient electronic tracking system. This system improved efficiencies while maintaining national security measures and enabled the client's business operations to continue and grow dramatically. Note: A later campaign included participation from Northern Mexican border cities. 


"The Northern Border store managers have made some unique contributions to our business. They've given leadership and support to two major political issues this past year and have won big changes in our United States legislation. This was achieved through the assistance of The Aegis Group, Ltd. and the formation of the United States-Canadian Caucus of Mayors." - Tom Daniels, President, Northern Border World Duty-Free Americas, a division of British Airport Authorities.