Public & Media Relations

Aegis works with captains of industry, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and upper echelon foreign government officials to enhance influence, manage unforeseen challenges or issues, and increase stakeholder visibility outside the Washington Beltway. Aegis staff designs and deploys media campaigns of national and international political consequence utilizing opinion editorials, radio interviews, C-SPAN, creative “cause” advocacy methodologies, and forums tailored to foment public opinion beneficial to client interests.  


A Global Strategy: Highlighting Commercial and Educational Linkages

Synopsis:  Aegis arranged a trip to the West Texas city of San Angelo for then European Union (EU) Ambassador to the United States John Bruton. This trip highlighted commercial linkages shared between the state of Texas and the EU and the jobs (228,000+) brought to the state as a result of EU investments. Additionally, cultural linkages were explored to assist in fostering student exchanges between American and European institutions of higher education. 

Results: The visit by Ambassador Bruton yielded positive results for business, educational and other cultural development interests within the state of Texas. The city of San Angelo, Texas was highlighted including its historical and economic assets, cultural diversity and expanding university (Angelo State University) among other linkages. While in San Angelo, local business owners, university representatives, city government officials and the general public had the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Bruton. Beyond the cultural enrichment benefits, additional educational exchanges were established and international business relationships were strengthened.  


"I [participated in] a roundtable discussion on international issues sponsored by Angelo State University and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. In my public speeches in San Angelo, I drew attention to the fact that European investment in Texas alone exceeds all U.S. investment in China and Japan combined. The visit was facilitated by Mario Castillo and his firm The Aegis Group, Ltd." - Former European Union Ambassador to the United States John Bruton.